Filament HD PLA 1.75mm PURPLE

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Fiberlogy manufactures 3D filaments of unique characteristics, having outstanding properties and parameters – diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02mm and oval tolerance of +0.01mm.

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The material that can be used as a replacement for ABS. It may be printed as usual PLA, and then heated up, thus gainin properties similar to ABS. This allow you to skip the printing from this material and avoiding of all incoveniences associated with printing process: shrinkage, unpleasant smell, inhaling og hazardous fumes.

Additionally, after annealing, the material is more impact and heat resitance.

Raw materials used in the production of HD PLA are safe dor food contact in accordance with European Union standards. HD PLA material is also compliant with the RoHS Directive.


  • TOYS OR THEIR ELEMENTS: human figures, animals, constructions, houses, vehicles, dice
  • GADGETS OR THEIR ELEMENTS: key rings, stands, phone cases
  • PROTOTYPES: tools, concept models
  • ELEMENTS OF JEWELLERY: earrings, bracelets, beads, necklaces
  • SPARE PARTS: elements of machines, equipment, vehicles, electronic equipment
  • TOOLS: complex elements requiring durability
  • HOUSE EQUIPMENT: bowls, trays, boxes


  • biodegradability
  • slightly glossy surface
  • possibility of annealing the print in an oven and achieving properties similar to those of ABS
  • after annealing – increased impact resistance and high temperature resistance

How to print?

  • print temperature: 200-220°C
  • bed temperature: 50-70°C (when using plates or other means to increase the adhesion, the heating of the bed is not required)
  • heating of the print should be conducted in accordance with the manual provided by Fiberlogy
1.75 mm +/- 0.02 mm + 0.01 mm 200-220°C 50-70°C

Download anneling instructions:

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