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A business has to involve  you, it has to be nice and to practice your creative instinct

The 3D Print Store was founded in 2017. It is driven by passionate people that wanted to express their artistic side and showcase their accumulated knowledge of 3D printing, a field that is rapidly growing in relevance and applicability in the industrial and consumption.

The company offers affordable premium filaments and 3D printers produced and tested by our team. We want to bring 3D print technology to your homes, make the process easy and fun and encourage the embrace of technology that will change the world.

Everyone is talking about the impact of this revolutionary technology, described by US President Barack Obama as the future of production and the “New Industrial Revolution” by New Scientist. We want to be part and invest material and informational resources in this industrial revolution.

3D printing lends itself to producing customized products and allows us to be personalized more in every aspect, from our clothes to our cars and inside the houses.

3D printing offers new possibilities for amateurs and professionals to follow their imagination and stimulate the creativity of a new generation of artists, designers and engineers.

We are a dedicated team that offers quality products and services with openness, honesty and independence.

Our Team

Valentin Scintee

33 ani

Professional engineer passionate about 3D printing. Involved actively in the production of 3d printers on the research of new technologies and testing of marketed filaments to determine their quality and optimal printing parameters.

Alexandra Dorobantu

35 ani

Architect of the profession, passionate about 3D modeling. She is actively involved in the 3D creation, production and modeling process and in developing and expanding the commercial network of printer and filament distribution.

Andrei Mitisor

33 ani

Professional architect, passionate about 3D printing, expert in parametric modeling. With a vast experience in the production and optimization of 3D printers. Involved in the production and design of 3d printers.

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